Forming Community #IRL

Social media has proven to be a crucial tool towards raising awareness and bringing people together towards a common cause. But how can we use it for community building without it replacing real, in-person connections? This dialogue explores how we take movements offline and into the world of organizing for lasting change and meaningful support networks.

Speakers to be announced!

Beyond our Roles

 Life guru’s have been telling us for years: your work is what you do NOT who you are. But how do we really carve out space for that to be fully realized when we live in such a demanding professional world. This panel explores what it really means to create identities and lifestyles and programs, etc. that flourish outside of institutional spaces. What does it take to make those things work, what are common challenges and how do we fortify our communities through it all.

Speakers to be announced!

Rest & Healing

Why are we so tired? Whether you’re a mother, a student, a professional, a wife, a single woman, it can be exhausting to show up every day to prove your point; to fight for your rights; to have a voice; to just BE a human.  There are so many opposing ideas these days. How can we ground ourselves so we’re not living to the extreme and balance our lives?  This panel will help you recognize your physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. We will discuss finding a support system if you don’t have one, focusing on determining rest and healing modalities that speak to you, along with strategies to best stick to a routine that helps you stay grounded.

Speakers to be announced!

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